Dr. Olivier’s expert witness services have been retained in over 50 different matters. He has provided the following services:
• Testified as an Expert witness in Federal Courts and International Trade Commission’s Section 337 Litigation
• Written expert reports, attended depositions, and provided courtroom testimony
• Analyzed products, technology and software
• Developed claim charts
• Performed Validity / Invalidity analysis, Infringement / Non Infringement analysis
• Presented technical material to both technical and non-technical audiences
• Provided litigation support and technology education in patent disputes, patent reexaminations
• Past clients include Priceline, Arista Networks, HTC Corporation, T-Mobile, Samsung, Vizio, Google Corporation, Microsoft, Amazon, Ericsson, Asus, and S.T. Microelectronics

Recognized Expert before United States Federal District Courts in the Areas of
• Congestion Control in Packet Switching
QPSX v Nortel 2:05-CV-268, E.D.Tex. 3-18-2008

• Cellular High Speed Packet Access Networks
Wi-LAN Inc., v. Alcatel-Lucent et. al 6:2010cv00521, 2013

• Signaling Protocols in Cellular Networks
Core Wireless Licensing S.A.R.L v. Apple 6:12-CV-100, 2015

Recognized Expert before the International Trade Commission in the Areas of

• Security and Firewalls in Routers and Switches;
Investigation 337-TA-628, 2007

• Cellphone Hardware and Software for Imaging;
Investigation 337–TA-726, 2010 No. 337-TA-726

• Operating Systems for Mobile Devices;
Investigation 337–TA-744, 2011

• Mobile Devices Hardware and Software Architectures;
Investigation, 337–TA-850, 2012

• Ethernet Switch Packet Processor Hardware and Software;
Investigation 337–TA-945, 2015

Inter partes review support

• Technology related to Vehicle Mapping Systems. Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation

• Technology related to Web site Systems. Priceline

• Technology related to Network Agents. HCC Insurance

• Technology related to Mobile Hotspots. Advanced Media Networks

• Technology related to Secure Transactions Systems. USAA Federal Savings Bank

• Technology related to prison telephony equipment. Securus Technologies

• Technology related to mobile searching and mapping algorithms. HTC Corporation

• Technology related to mobile phone camera system architecture. HTC Corporation

• Technology related to mobile searching and mapping algorithms. Google Corporation

• Technology related to Network Agent Technology. HCC Insurance

Licensing efforts
• Technology investigation related to Metro Ethernet, MPLS, 802.17, and 802.3 access products.